Saturday, October 10, 2009

Disney 2009!!!

We did it! We survived. It was a good week. We had the free dining plan - so we ate really well. My dh is extremely fanatical about his Disney vacation - and had charts and itineraries printed on waterproof paper so they wouldn't get ruined in the rain or near his sweat. And sweat we did. It was so hot and humid - it became unbearable at times. Fortunately, we had many indoor activities to avoid the heat.

Oh, did I enjoy meeting the UP characters. I found someone on ebay that sold the soda pop pins and bought enough for our entire crowd to wear. Eating at the Brown Derby was a wonderful experience and I hope we can repeat it sometime. Meeting the Mad Hatter was a great experience - he was a hoot.

Overall, it was tiring and hot - but as usual, really fun. It was a bit disappointing to feel the cutbacks Disney has started. We saw it coming with the Dining Plan changes . . . but we really felt it in other ways too. The quality of the crowd wasn't the best our first two days (a Sat and Sun) but it improved on Monday.
If you are interested in more information you can read a lot about it from the 15 year old that went with us. She is writing a trip journal on the DisBoards.
God bless!

Contest and blog recommendation

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