Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Renovation update

Most of the hard work is done - except - the - toilet. That has developed into a huge problem. I asked my dd if she would mind just using that hole in the ground and she gave me the most horrified look. It's still nicer than an outhouse! Anyway, I helped my dh carry a 2000 pound (well, maybe not that heavy) toilet up the sidewalk, the porch, the stairs and down the hall. He opened the box to install it the other night and . . . it was broken. He held up a piece of porcelain for me to see. The whining started. You mean I (oh and the attitude too . . . who cares about him, he is supposed to do this stuff) have to carry this thing back to the car and then carry another one back up here!!! It was not pretty to listen to or see. (great example mom and helpmeet, NOT!) My sweetie drug that heavy thing down the stairs by his sweet self. Half the work of half the work is partially done. (stop whining now) Anyway - see? there is progress in this room. More pictures if it ever gets done when it is put together.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daisy a day . . .

My daughter's ballet and tap dance teacher is getting married this summer. The director of the school gave two teachers a combined wedding shower and made the hall so beautiful - I took pictures of the details. Don't you love the simplicity and beauty of a daisy?

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Another opportunity to do a wonderful unit study for free! At our support group End of the Year Celebration many families displayed their work during the past year - lapbooks were some of the more proudly displayed items! Download it and save it for later if you don't have time to do it now!

And for you sports types - Johnson & Johnson is giving out samples of their ActiveFlex tape.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Countdown continues . . .

The "R" family came over to celebrate a milestone in our countdown to Disney vacation. It really makes a big difference to have friends share your excitement and joy in an upcoming event. Incredimom made an incredible (of course) dessert - that yummy topping is, uh, yes, chopped Heath candy bars. Yummmm.

This was an original piece of art displayed tonight - Chrissy R. is becoming famous for her work in acrylics.
And hey, the "R" family received a pail of very non-essentials to mark this occasion.

What a sweet night. Disney is going to be awesome.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One down!

My first "mis"treatment - I took a table runner and tablecloth and tried to make it a curtain! I loved the color and texture of this fabric - and the tassels added a neat touch. Thanks to The Nester for her great advice and encouragement! This was formerly the yellow bathroom - downstairs - now it is the blue bathroom.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Some Pooh advice . . .

When taking on a renovation project . . . remember this wise advice from Pooh Bear.

...until suddenly, OW! - and there he was, sitting in his chair with his feet in the water, and water all around him!

He splashed to his door and looked out . . .

"This is Serious," said Pooh. "I must have an Escape."

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Friday, June 6, 2008

Want -to -declutter . . .

There is this constant battle going on in my mind when it comes to purging my home of stuff . . . "what if I need this later?" "wouldn't this be so cute used like this?" "why are you storing this?" Yes, I have problems. My arguments with myself are quite intense. It is usually punctuated by eating chocolate. Good example: Pulling stuff out to put on Ebay today, stuff purchased specifically for Ebay . . . and the dilemma starts. Found this wonderful large Longaberger desk set with the separators and clear plastic liner for a great price - purchased to sell. While taking pictures of the thing, I am thinking, "oh that would be perfect to store my files in, or bits of folded cloth, and it is my favorite retired stain. This would cost me almost $100 to replace." And, not sure who won, but the thing is sitting on my desk with stuff in it. Sad, pathetic story, I know. Well, I did manage to get 3 things up. It takes me forever to list an auction, usually because I am afraid I will forget some important detail to put in the listing. I will admit my shipping prices are on the high side, but it takes me so much time to photograph, list and ship items, I try to recoup that and the unbelievable fees Paypal and Ebay get nowadays. It is really kind of pointless to list anything under $10 now - used to be no biggie to list little things. Hopefully this coming week there will be many more things up and our family budget will be replenished a little.

Oh, and speaking of renovation . . . there is a toilet in our front yard right now. (Could fill it with dirt and flowers . . . ) Yes, another unexpected expense to this project. The old one said, "no way, I am done," as it leaked blue junk all over my new grout and tile. And the mirrors took more of the wall with them than they were supposed to and it is becoming a horror of an ordeal trying to replaster the gaping holes. Ready to see this project come to a sweet end. Did I mention that I LOVE the glass tile? It is so rich rich rich. Every house needs some -glass -tile -somewhere in it. Hey Mom . . .

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Some progress . . .

Well, I can't stand it. I have to share a peek. The glass tiles are the prettiest things . . . there is no grout in yet and they won't let me stand on the new floor - but it is coming together very nicely. The picture of the sink is from the downstairs bath - can you make out the blue paint under the tile? That is the color I bought for the walls in that bathroom, any thoughts? While at Home Depot I picked out a more gray color (yes dad, battleship gray!) and not sure if that would be better than this blue/gray. My dd wants the upstairs bath to have an Eiffel Tower/French soft pink look - hmmm. (why does the faucet look gold in this pic? it is brushed nickel)

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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Is prayer your steering wheel
or your spare tire?
~ Corrie Ten Boom

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