Monday, August 31, 2009


Worked on this yesterday. Planning to take it to the shower this weekend for a wall decoration. I don't sew - and this has lots of boo-boos, but it turned out pretty cute. Thinking about table decorations now -

Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet my grandbaby - Adelyn!

I am one proud grandma. We saw the 4D ultrasound yesterday of our little girl. It was such a treat. She is one happy, smiling, and limber baby! She had her feet and hands in front of her face the entire time we were there and she just kept grinning! She really favors her daddy in looks - we are soooo anxious to hold her!! She is due Thanksgiving . . .

Now, about what to call me . . .
God Bless! Beth

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A new laundry room

When we moved into this new house - we were surprised to see a closet in the garage - sitting too high to utilize and without a step. It was supposed to be a place for the water heater, but this house has a basement, so it was installed down there instead. So, we asked, can't we eliminate the closet and enlarge the laundry room on the other side? And we did! It doubled the size of the laundry room and my husband even let me have some beadboard in there to dress it up a little. This room is off the kitchen, so it is handy! I LOVE having a utility sink! My first!

Here we are in mid-process. The beadboard is up and painted and the sink and the floor is patched. You can tell by the wall marks where the old wall was and also the YUCKY wire shelf. Yuck.
I used a jadite green color for the walls, Greg hung a cool light fixture with the jadite trim. I am really happy with the results - now, for the next room . . .

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time to catch up!

Wow. Summer has come and gone. We had such an awesome dance recital. The Brady's had another reunion - the 50's theme was wonderful. My son-in-law was deployed to Afghanistan. My daughter is pregnant with our first grandchild, a little girl! We moved. Such simple little words. Such a simple little statement. OH MY the work behind them. We searched and searched for a new house to fit the baby and my daughter coming back home - and possibly my son-in-law in the future. Oh, and let's not forget the other new contribution to all of this, a dog. Yes. I have gone berserk, mad, crazy. It's all good though, getting better each day. I think. So, here we are in the new house. I have already completely modified one room, but alas, my photo equipment is still packed and I cannot show you pictures. In one of those boxes. The million boxes, unlabeled, unorganized, I am gonna cry . . . boxes.

So let's talk about somethings that are really happy. Disney. Well, I like parties. Planning them. Being a part of the fun. So, we did a party thing this past Sunday - and this photo card works on this laptop so I can show you a picture! Yeah! I like graphics so it was great fun designing us matching shirts. Again, we are counting down . . . see the Mickey Mouse bank above? It is dated 1968 on the bottom. Found it new, still wrapped in cellophane at a consignment store. The bubble gum was a bit yuck, but the machine is so retro cool.
This week we are going to see our little grand baby in 4D - it will be awesome. And I am having fun helping with the decorating, planning of all things girl baby!

God bless! Beth