Monday, July 28, 2008

OT: Political

I didn't mean for my blog to be political, I let my dh handle most of that, but we are about to enter another important presidential election and there are interesting facts being made known about Obama that people need to be aware of.

See the entire speech here.

Video link is here.

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Big word. Lots of meaning, feelings, memories - it evokes many different things. Some families are really close. They love to be together, to play together, to share some laughs, joys, problems. It is a blessing to be a part of such a family; to recognize the genuineness, the gift, the complete feeling you get being a part of it all. My dd asks, "so - if so and so is your cousin, that makes his daughter my 2nd cousin, right?" I don't know! But aren't you glad you know them? Aren't you glad you are related to them in some way? Aren't you glad you had this opportunity to make fun memories with them? I am a blessed person. I have been doubly blessed - my husband's family is close and we keep in touch and share lots of memories. But what my aunt and uncle (my dad's sister) started 30 years ago and was continued this past weekend, is amazing. (and I have the t-shirt to prove it.) It is called a family reunion but it is so much bigger than that. When family comes from all over the US to meet in a central location, spends money on gas, food and lodging to stay DAYS at a motel - that is rare, yes? It is special, unique - it is huge. Thank you Bradys for being my family. I love all of you.

update: I found the answer to my dd's question regarding 1st and 2nd cousins - and it has visual aids - needed and appreciated by people like me!!!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

MLP Beauty Shop

My best little friend and constant companion is not with me - and she is missed. My dd is with her grandparents this week and momma is lonely without her. Before she left she spent hours beautifying all of her My Little Pony's tresses - it looked like a regular beauty shop - and they all very patiently waited their turn. Some are still sporting curlers waiting for the great reveal. These ponies are usually stacked in pink wicker baskets on the shelves - but we didn't have the heart to mess up their new looks and so dd displayed them so carefully on the shelves. Had to take pictures to remember the love, time and patience she put into her little toys.

I miss you baby!! Have fun!

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Dreams that seem so real!

Last night I attended our college & career Wednesday Bible Study - they meet at 8 pm and go pretty late, and with an 11 yr old at home, I don't usually get to go. They are going through the Tommy Nelson Daniel DVD Bible study. It was an awesome lesson on the prophecy given to Daniel in chapter 9 regarding the 490 years. As a Christian, it gives us the validity of God's Word, the accuracy and the occurrence of this prophecy is amazing. My main observation was Daniel's role, having a first name basis with an angel from God, trusted with an important message to be given to future generations. Amazing stuff. Anyway, this was all heavily on my mind when I went to sleep and during the night I had a vivid dream where the heavens opened and Jesus was there taking me home. Exciting it is.

Haven't mentioned much on the renovation lately - it is slowly coming along. We actually did some work in the master bath so I feel like I am holding up many spinning plates, maybe too many. :) While in NJ I stopped at a thrift store and found some beautiful things - a crystal cake plate that now holds the towels in the down bath and an old teapot - repurposing again - and loving it!

So, a new issue is the cabinets - they need new paint desperately. The 20 year old oil based paint is almost yellow now. I purchased this pretty Charleston color from Sherwin Williams - it is a much brighter white than we had! I also painted the brass drawer pulls - trying to update the whole look. Any thoughts?

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Field Trip

What does a homeschool family do with an unexpected business trip? Field trip! My dh had two business trips in a row and we went with him on the second one to NJ. We used the opportunity to stop at many different places along the way. New York City Times Square was a must on the list - and dd loved it! Especially the huge 3 story Toys R Us!

We stopped in D.C. and saw the monuments and the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum.

We went through Philadelphia and visited Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell - and got a parking ticket. We consider it a donation to the historic city. :)

While my dh was doing work in NJ - dd and I went over to the Atlantic Ocean and enjoyed several hours of beach fun.
On the way home dh wanted to go by his Alma mater - UNC in Chapel Hill. We drove by our first two homes as a married couple - and glad to say little had changed in 20+ years! Also glad we didn't stay on there for grad school - how different our lives might be today. It was a whirlwind and exciting trip.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Renewed like the eagle

"Bless the LORD, O my soul, And all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget none of His benefits; Who pardons all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases; Who redeems your life from the pit, Who crowns you with loving kindness and compassion; Who satisfies your years with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle." Psalm 103:1-5

Today our pastor preached an awesome message on this familiar psalm. He told about the eagle and how after it has aged it slows down, its beak becomes weak, its talons are no longer sharp and it loses its feathers making it noisy and difficult to sneak up on its prey. The eagle then goes off by itself and molts, pecks off its beak and tears its claws on the rocks. In time, new feathers, beak and talons grow in, stronger - renewed. Dr. Cox shared that other eagles, ones that had gone through the same thing, bring food to the healing eagle. What an awesome illustration of God's work in our lives and the opportunity we have to use our past experiences to help others.
If you want to check out the message you can hear it online at North Metro. (today's sermon won't show up for awhile)

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