Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New York City!

My dh took me away for our "birthday bash" to New York City - we stayed in Times Square! Our birthdays are only a day apart so we do a lot of two-for-one celebrating!! This was such a special trip, I will remember it always. It was a bit of a downer (well, for me it was) when we couldn't do the Martha Stewart TV show taping because of the dates we were there - but we got in lots of sightseeing, a Club 21 dinner, a broadway show and a Big East game at Madison Square Garden. I bought some knock-offs in Chinatown - that Tiffany necklace looks real to me! We figured out how New Yorkers tie their scarves in that cool way. We ate Junior's fabulous cheesecake! But the cool thing that happened was, on our way to the airport we decided to go by Macy's Flower Show and guess who was the guest of honor! Martha! Yep, I got to see her live and in person. Cool.

A beautiful table - set by Martha and company at Macy's New York.

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