Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Renovation update

Most of the hard work is done - except - the - toilet. That has developed into a huge problem. I asked my dd if she would mind just using that hole in the ground and she gave me the most horrified look. It's still nicer than an outhouse! Anyway, I helped my dh carry a 2000 pound (well, maybe not that heavy) toilet up the sidewalk, the porch, the stairs and down the hall. He opened the box to install it the other night and . . . it was broken. He held up a piece of porcelain for me to see. The whining started. You mean I (oh and the attitude too . . . who cares about him, he is supposed to do this stuff) have to carry this thing back to the car and then carry another one back up here!!! It was not pretty to listen to or see. (great example mom and helpmeet, NOT!) My sweetie drug that heavy thing down the stairs by his sweet self. Half the work of half the work is partially done. (stop whining now) Anyway - see? there is progress in this room. More pictures if it ever gets done when it is put together.

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Anonymous said...

The bathroom looks great - you can use many colors with it. It will be fun shopping for new towels - your dd got a very nice birthday present. :)

ebergs said...

I can so relate! It looks great though...hang in there : )