Friday, June 6, 2008

Want -to -declutter . . .

There is this constant battle going on in my mind when it comes to purging my home of stuff . . . "what if I need this later?" "wouldn't this be so cute used like this?" "why are you storing this?" Yes, I have problems. My arguments with myself are quite intense. It is usually punctuated by eating chocolate. Good example: Pulling stuff out to put on Ebay today, stuff purchased specifically for Ebay . . . and the dilemma starts. Found this wonderful large Longaberger desk set with the separators and clear plastic liner for a great price - purchased to sell. While taking pictures of the thing, I am thinking, "oh that would be perfect to store my files in, or bits of folded cloth, and it is my favorite retired stain. This would cost me almost $100 to replace." And, not sure who won, but the thing is sitting on my desk with stuff in it. Sad, pathetic story, I know. Well, I did manage to get 3 things up. It takes me forever to list an auction, usually because I am afraid I will forget some important detail to put in the listing. I will admit my shipping prices are on the high side, but it takes me so much time to photograph, list and ship items, I try to recoup that and the unbelievable fees Paypal and Ebay get nowadays. It is really kind of pointless to list anything under $10 now - used to be no biggie to list little things. Hopefully this coming week there will be many more things up and our family budget will be replenished a little.

Oh, and speaking of renovation . . . there is a toilet in our front yard right now. (Could fill it with dirt and flowers . . . ) Yes, another unexpected expense to this project. The old one said, "no way, I am done," as it leaked blue junk all over my new grout and tile. And the mirrors took more of the wall with them than they were supposed to and it is becoming a horror of an ordeal trying to replaster the gaping holes. Ready to see this project come to a sweet end. Did I mention that I LOVE the glass tile? It is so rich rich rich. Every house needs some -glass -tile -somewhere in it. Hey Mom . . .

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Anonymous said...

Guess what? We have a toilet just like yours sitting in our woods. Our new one is on order - 2 weeks. I finally got all the wallpaper off - never, never again will I wallpaper. Love your new look - it is beautiful - I'm afraid glass tile is over the top for us.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog and joining in my give away.

You asked how I could give away such nice stuff. Well to be honest I found the wine glasses at a thrift store and thought they were pretty. Once I got them home I thought I don't drink wine so why did I buy them. But I know lots of people do so I thought about putting them in my give away.

The placemats I also got at the thrift store. I found 8 of them for only .99 so I got all of them. I only wanted 4 of them so the other 4 was perfect for the give away.

The juicer has been in my garage for awhile and I have several of them so I didn't mind parting with one. After all I never make homemade juice even though I love it.

The cup and saucer I found at a thrift store also and there were several of them along with different size plates. I really just wanted one cup and saucer and the plates but they sold them as a set so I got all of them and again, I thought, great gifts.

I love to shop but I don't have room for lots of things. So rather then donate them or list on eBay and really make nothing off of them I thought many of my blog friends could either use them or get them and pass them on to someone who could.

So give aways! It's sort of like a pass it on. They made me happy when I found them and I know whoever wins them will be just as happy to get them and then if they pass them on when they finish with them someone else will be happy.

I used to buy things thinking I would sell it on eBay and then I got way to much stuff and eBay no longer was worth listing on so I no longer buy with reselling in mind.

If I have a use for it I will buy it.

A lot of the stuff I'm going to use for give aways are things I bought thinking I would list on eBay but then then they changed so much I stopped lising so I now have lots of things to give away.

See, you liked the things I had just sitting around in my garage and if you win you will be happy right? So it's worth it to me to give them away.

I'm happy you joined in the give away I'm having. Good luck