Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dreams that seem so real!

Last night I attended our college & career Wednesday Bible Study - they meet at 8 pm and go pretty late, and with an 11 yr old at home, I don't usually get to go. They are going through the Tommy Nelson Daniel DVD Bible study. It was an awesome lesson on the prophecy given to Daniel in chapter 9 regarding the 490 years. As a Christian, it gives us the validity of God's Word, the accuracy and the occurrence of this prophecy is amazing. My main observation was Daniel's role, having a first name basis with an angel from God, trusted with an important message to be given to future generations. Amazing stuff. Anyway, this was all heavily on my mind when I went to sleep and during the night I had a vivid dream where the heavens opened and Jesus was there taking me home. Exciting it is.

Haven't mentioned much on the renovation lately - it is slowly coming along. We actually did some work in the master bath so I feel like I am holding up many spinning plates, maybe too many. :) While in NJ I stopped at a thrift store and found some beautiful things - a crystal cake plate that now holds the towels in the down bath and an old teapot - repurposing again - and loving it!

So, a new issue is the cabinets - they need new paint desperately. The 20 year old oil based paint is almost yellow now. I purchased this pretty Charleston color from Sherwin Williams - it is a much brighter white than we had! I also painted the brass drawer pulls - trying to update the whole look. Any thoughts?

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