Thursday, July 10, 2008

Field Trip

What does a homeschool family do with an unexpected business trip? Field trip! My dh had two business trips in a row and we went with him on the second one to NJ. We used the opportunity to stop at many different places along the way. New York City Times Square was a must on the list - and dd loved it! Especially the huge 3 story Toys R Us!

We stopped in D.C. and saw the monuments and the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum.

We went through Philadelphia and visited Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell - and got a parking ticket. We consider it a donation to the historic city. :)

While my dh was doing work in NJ - dd and I went over to the Atlantic Ocean and enjoyed several hours of beach fun.
On the way home dh wanted to go by his Alma mater - UNC in Chapel Hill. We drove by our first two homes as a married couple - and glad to say little had changed in 20+ years! Also glad we didn't stay on there for grad school - how different our lives might be today. It was a whirlwind and exciting trip.

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