Monday, March 9, 2009

Sew & Quilt Show Atlanta

I don't want to be boring and repeat everything that I put on my dd's blog - you can go there to see all the pictures and details about what we did and saw. I am STILL coveting the rose velvet corsage that Evy (pictured above with my dd) had at her booth. Ruth says don't fret it . . . I will get one, but patience isn't one of my virtues, Evy said those machines are affordable . . . I think it is time to start saving money.

On to other things. A huge congratulations goes out to my niece Emily and her husband Caleb - they are proud parents of a sweet little baby boy, Jack. They made me a great-aunt. Is that possible? My sister a grandmother? hmmm. All our love to this sweet new family. Babies are pure pleasure and special gifts from heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet! It's the baby Cherith and I made the "├┐ou know what" for.
What a blessing!