Sunday, March 1, 2009


Finally! Snow! We had to wait until all the little buds began to show up on trees to get it . . . but it finally came. While we were at church this morning we watched the rain turn to snow, big fluffy snowflakes. So purrty. There is actually some accumulation. Wow. I know what you northerners are thinking, I was once a northerner too. But we haven't seen hardly any snow in two years, so it was a /bit/ exciting today. Church was even cancelled tonight! Wow. (That's a Mickey Mouse snowperson.)

So we had our Disney party today with the "R" family cause we are getting all pumped up about our trip. I am not going to tell you how far away it is because that too will seem crazy. We are crazy. No doubt. We celebrated with a Pop Century Tye-Dyed Cheesecake. It was a funky cake. I wasn't hugely impressed with the taste, the cake seemed too dry. I made us new countdown calendars and keyring reminders. Let the fun begin.

Just thinking aloud here, well . . . typing my thoughts. Yesterday we visited two malls - they were so packed with people it felt like Christmas. The restaurants had lines, the stores were amazingly full and people were spending . . . is the economy really hurting? Really? Then, a couple of days ago, our college class cabin was broken into - it's a small house on the church property, labeled "The Cabin" of NMFBC. Someone came in and stole the few things we had, an X-Box game, TV, VCR, couches, lamps, chairs, washing machine and dryer, all the snacks and drinks and paper goods. We are sad of course, it seemed strange this morning in Sunday School without our lights or comfortable seating. (Bathroom had no mirror or TP.) Hopefully the desperate persons that did this thing will get what they need out of the items. It just makes you want to stop . . . and reflect on the world . . . and its need of the only real help, the Savior.

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