Thursday, August 27, 2009

A new laundry room

When we moved into this new house - we were surprised to see a closet in the garage - sitting too high to utilize and without a step. It was supposed to be a place for the water heater, but this house has a basement, so it was installed down there instead. So, we asked, can't we eliminate the closet and enlarge the laundry room on the other side? And we did! It doubled the size of the laundry room and my husband even let me have some beadboard in there to dress it up a little. This room is off the kitchen, so it is handy! I LOVE having a utility sink! My first!

Here we are in mid-process. The beadboard is up and painted and the sink and the floor is patched. You can tell by the wall marks where the old wall was and also the YUCKY wire shelf. Yuck.
I used a jadite green color for the walls, Greg hung a cool light fixture with the jadite trim. I am really happy with the results - now, for the next room . . .

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The Feathered Nest said...

This has got to be the most wonderful laundry room ever!!! How gorgeous!! It might, just might make me WANT to do laundry...or not....but what a beautiful place to be when you have to finally wash a few things , xxoo, Dawn