Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time to catch up!

Wow. Summer has come and gone. We had such an awesome dance recital. The Brady's had another reunion - the 50's theme was wonderful. My son-in-law was deployed to Afghanistan. My daughter is pregnant with our first grandchild, a little girl! We moved. Such simple little words. Such a simple little statement. OH MY the work behind them. We searched and searched for a new house to fit the baby and my daughter coming back home - and possibly my son-in-law in the future. Oh, and let's not forget the other new contribution to all of this, a dog. Yes. I have gone berserk, mad, crazy. It's all good though, getting better each day. I think. So, here we are in the new house. I have already completely modified one room, but alas, my photo equipment is still packed and I cannot show you pictures. In one of those boxes. The million boxes, unlabeled, unorganized, I am gonna cry . . . boxes.

So let's talk about somethings that are really happy. Disney. Well, I like parties. Planning them. Being a part of the fun. So, we did a party thing this past Sunday - and this photo card works on this laptop so I can show you a picture! Yeah! I like graphics so it was great fun designing us matching shirts. Again, we are counting down . . . see the Mickey Mouse bank above? It is dated 1968 on the bottom. Found it new, still wrapped in cellophane at a consignment store. The bubble gum was a bit yuck, but the machine is so retro cool.
This week we are going to see our little grand baby in 4D - it will be awesome. And I am having fun helping with the decorating, planning of all things girl baby!

God bless! Beth

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Abi said...

I read your blog! Don't say no one reads it. ;) Yes...boxes. We have plenty of those. I still think we should return them to Ingles. Can you imagine? That would be hilarious, I think. Well, I should run. Gotta go drink MORE water before this 4D thing. Maybe we'll figure out what the 4th dimension is today...love you!
Love you, Abi