Thursday, May 1, 2008

A promise

The other day I had an opportunity to go through an antique mall. I hadn't taken more than 10 steps into the mall when I saw this little jewel, a 1935 Royal Typewriter. And at a very good price! It had its original case and still works! I absolutely love, I know - straaange, old typewriter keys. When I see them on bracelets as charms it justs makes me melt. Anyway - the whole typewriter is now mine to post a great quote or just admire. Ahhh.

The quote is perfect too - life seems to be pretty heavy right now - but I see God's hand in every part of it. It is so easy to get weighted down with the nitty gritty of life and not see the big picture or the completion of part of God's work in our lives. My sister and minister husband are taking on a huge new adventure, a great leap of faith - but hearing the details, the little things that show God's nod of approval on this bold step - that is so huge, so promising. Worry can do so much damage, faith in God protects us from the damage.

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Anonymous said...

that is such an old and cute typewriter! you are also a good blogger! i love everythig you do!
good job!
(a panda!)
o o
i love pandas!!!

Greg said...

Last time I saw a typewriter like that, my professor was using one. This is the professor who had seen Einstein when when he was a younger man.

Anonymous said...

I love the old typewriter. Good buy! Love the encouragement. JB