Saturday, May 3, 2008

Curriculum Fair!

Adjectives that describe a homeschool curriculum fair: Exhilarating, exciting, fun, frustrating, entertaining, tiring, overwhelming, exasperating, thrilling, awesome, difficult, super, tremendous - yes, overall, it was tremendous! My feet and back are hurting, but it is a good feeling to have all the curriculum purchased for next year and exciting to think about what the year holds. We worked the used book sale so we could shop early and we sold a box of stuff that paid for over half of our purchases. It is all good.

Let me show you some goodies from yesterday:

Some language and supplies for lapbooking.

Some history.

Some science.

OK, this- was- exciting. Steve Demme, the man behind Math-U-See was there! My dd watches his videos with her curriculum and she laughs and enjoys his lessons so much - it was pretty cool to see him in person. He gave her a $5 Turkey paper bill, he had just been there teaching missionary homeschool families! He was a joy to talk to - an unexpected great memory of the day. My oldest dd used his math all through elementary school and jr. high and was able to skip Algebra I and advance to Geometry her freshman year of high school and first year in a private school! Needless to say, I am loyal to MUS!

Some extra learning fun stuff.

Stuff for mom to read. Hey, I need stuff too! :)

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Greg said...

Buying books for the new year is exhausting, but it's also good to get the little jump-start that goes along with planning for the new year.