Friday, May 23, 2008

Atlanta City Pass!

My sister and niece came to the recital and stayed the week with us. What a week it has been! We bought Atlanta City Passes and we got it all in except the zoo - which is still to come! We went to the Aquarium, Coke museum, Atlanta Botanical Gardens, CNN and the High Museum of Art. They were all wonderful! We even got in a trip to IKEA. My sister and I are doing the Archivers scrapbook night this weekend. Incredimom blessed me with a gift certificate - she knows me well. It was a blessing my sister is here this week, it would have been a hard week emotionally after the huge weekend. I was very emotional through the finales - and my poor dd was extremely emotional the first 24 hours - it is a big fall from the high you get when you plan and work on something for months and then . . . it is over.

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