Friday, January 16, 2009

Investing . . .

Another sewing lesson. She is loving every minute of it! She loves the machine, even though it is so old and noisy. It is a brand new machine, given to me about 12 years ago. It was stored uncovered in our garage the entire 12 years and in another garage probably 12 years more. There is no manual. I took it to the sewing machine service place and they wanted $60 to tune it up. Do I want to spend $60 now, probably more later because he said things will probably start to freeze up and have no manual, or just start fresh and invest in a new one? I talked to several people, I looked at sooo many machines and finally decided on this . . . praying it was the right choice!!! It's a Kenmore with a few extras than the basic to give dd room to grow.

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