Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Learning something new

My little girl likes to do crafts. Even more so than her momma. She wants to sew and knit and do stuff I am not good at and try to avoid. A good friend, and an especially crafty person, Ruth, saw my dd's interest and wanted to fill that void for me. Is that a good friend or what? (I am doubly blessed, another friend's husband teachs my dd science!!!) Today was the first lesson - and they accomplished a lot! In anticipation of today, we wanted to give Ruth a little token of our appreciation - so we altered/personalized this composition notebook and gave it to Ruth. It was fun bouncing ideas off each other until we got it just like we wanted it! This is our second combined effort - she gave her sister one for a Christmas gift.

Ruth just sent some pictures she took of the first lesson . . . isn't this sweet? If only we were so eager to learn other things (i.e. Math, English) . . . Thanks Ruth!!!

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Anonymous said...

i think that was really really fun!!! i love to sew!! i love you mom!!