Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A wedding . . . !?

YES! A Christmas wedding. My 23 yr. old dd and her man decided on a Christmas wedding - in 2008, not 2009. So, we put everything into high gear for three weeks. She was beautiful - and they are happy! My amazing mother-in-law baked the cakes for the reception and became 1/2 of my brain planning and implementing all the details. Friends were so supportive and available.(hugs Ruth & Stephanie) . . . My dad and sister did all the video and pictures . . . It came together nicely . . . and I only cried once during the ceremony. If you don't watch the father & bride dance or listen too closely to speeches, it helps. Do that later when you watch the video. Can't cry, can't cry! (Have you listened to Cinderella by Steven Curtis Chapman? I put it on my playlist for you to check out.) If you are wanting to see more . . . there is plenty more on my dad's website. (you have to put in your email address and click on Abi's name)

We had fun with the favors - while on our last trip to NJ we stopped at Cabella's (had to do a shopping stop my dh enjoys) and I saw these huge beautiful homemade candy canes. Well, when we started discussing the wedding the candy canes came to mind and we ordered them for favors. It made a beautiful tree.


Anonymous said...

What a beutiful wedding! I love the dress!

ebergs said...

I missed you on your blog while you were away...but you sure had some big news. She made a beautiful bride and what a gorgeous wedding!

Disney looked fun too. Matthew went with his cousins last year and still has big stories to tell.

Glad to see you back!