Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Decorating ideas?

Dh and I work with the college and career class at our church - it is a huge blessing. The church just gave us the former mission house to use as our meeting place and we are thrilled! It was simply decorated when we got it - but much too "flowery" for our young crowd. We have been tossing around ideas - our C&C minister is thinking Starbucks style interior but it is called the Cabin - since it has wood walls and rustic front. One of the gals suggested a cowboy theme. My dh wants to put up a mounted deer head! We have limited (like none) funds for a while - so right now I think paint and simple curtain panels. It would be cool to use some of that magnetic/blackboard paint to have a huge wall for notes and events - frame it with some molding. Sure would love to have some feedback/help! I am thinking a trip to IKEA is needed.

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