Friday, April 11, 2008

Following directions, NOT!

They came today!! My nestabilities dies have finally arrived. It was fun playing with them tonight.

My dd has a friend over for a sleepover and we watched Enchanted - again! Having just been to NY, it was fun watching it trying to recognize the city. The happily ever after stuff is good too - although it bothers me (stepping up on my soapbox now) how Giselle so quickly falls out of love with her perfect prince and in love with Richard. And Richard falls out of love with his longtime (5 years!) girlfriend and in love with Giselle. And to really get nit-pickey about the movie - why did they have to add that shower scene? Did she have to be naked to express there is magical water coming from where - stuff across? (I know you don't see anything, but was it necessary, really?) Sorry, stepping off my soapbox now.
So, for the rest of this sleepover we had to make something fun for dessert to go with the calorie-laden pan pizza we had for dinner. Watching Martha bake up cupcakes all last week put me in that mindset, (the mindset being, I gotta have some!) especially after finding the blog of one of her guests. Her blog has the perfect directions and recipes to make her specialty cupcakes. I, of course, am not smart enough to follow directions and chose to do my own thing because I am a certified chocoholic and even though the recipe calls for red velvet cake mix, well, devil's food will do just as well, no - better, right? Hmmm. Let me say, it is more than this chocoholic can take! It is so rich - well, just too much, that is all. So, follow the directions silly and do it right. The girls had a good time with it, that is what really matters. Rolling the cake mix into balls was messy like playing in the mud - now that is fun. Even if they did keep saying "yuck" and giggling. Ah, the memories.

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