Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vintage Cream color scheme

Have you ever noticed when you finished a shopping spree that there is sometimes an unintentional similar color theme used throughout your purchases? I hope I am not alone in this strange phenomenon. I pulled out some of my treasures from today's shopping and was shocked to see the same color in 3 of the items! We had such a good time at the Lakewood Antiques Show in Cumming and met the neatest people. One of the best shops was the Ribbon Emporium - vintage ribbon perfectly dyed - displayed so sweetly on little stained clothespins (the non-clip kind) and on old thread spools. She paints/dyes birds too and I just had to buy one for a friend that collects birds. At another booth we purchased some Moda fabric squares for my daughter to begin practicing sewing. On the way home we hit garage sales - dh found a CD - 60 years of Disney containing 25 Disney theme songs for a whopping 50 cents! It was a fun day.

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