Thursday, April 24, 2008

Luscious Strawberries

We picked strawberries with our homeschool support group today. What an amazing day it was weather wise! Absolutely perfect. Then the "R" family invited us to come over and make some freezer jam with them. Stephanie (aka Incredimom from the "R" family) made some shortcake biscuits to enjoy with our strawberries for dessert tonight - I didn't have any cool whip for the topping - but isn't it pretty - and so tasty! They also introduced us to something new - Rita's Italian ice - and I am hooked! Another blessed day - thank you Lord for good godly friends, pretty days and so many wonderful foods to enjoy.

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beckyray444 said...

We just finished off a quart of strawberries too! The strawberry ice sounds so good. I'd like that recipe :)

Anonymous said...

yumm! strawberries are so good! and that looks really good! i want some! and strawberry picking is really fun, when you have a friend!