Monday, April 21, 2008

Expelled - The Movie

I rarely go to the movie theater - one reason being I am cheap - another being I don't care for most of the films being produced today. We went to see Expelled last Friday and were 3 of the about 20 in the audience. Which is a shame. This film is like a documentary that states scientists today are being punished for even mentioning an Intelligent Design theory of creation. I don't know how biased/stretched this fact is, or if there is more to the story - but the blatant anger and hatred toward Christians by the non-ID believing scientists was a bit eye-opening. That part alone gave me enough to consider. I hope many more homeschoolers and Christians will get out to see this film - it is well worth your time.

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Greg said...

Well said. The attitude of the evolutionists toward Darwin as a religion (Atheism) and their contempt for Christians was clear (and not particularly surprising).