Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oil Pastels

Pentel Arts is giving away a free 12 color oil pastel set per household address. Register & enter the promotional code SA2008. Offer expires 4/30/08. Thanks Shari!
UPDATE! PA has changed this offer - it is limited to certain clientele and not the whole world! Sorry for misleading anyone!


Greg said...

For some reason the smell of pastels evokes childhood memories of Christmas. Why is that I wonder....

Betty said...

Thank you for coming by to visit with me....and taking the time to comment.....Please come again....Betty

Abi said...

Sometimes things are too good to be true. Go to the link you embedded above.

Enter to Receive Your Free 12-Color Oil Pastel Set
(Limit one free set per household. Expiration April 30th, 2008)

This gift offer was made only in the April 2008 issue of School Arts Magazine and is intended only for subscribers of this magazine. Any posting of this gift offer by others on Internet sites or elsewhere is unauthorized and without Pentel’s permission or consent.

For subscribers of School Arts Magazine to receive their free set of Oil Pastels, please forward either the “original” cover of the April 2008 issue of School Arts Magazine or the “original” Pentel Free Gift insert that appears in the magazine to:

Pentel of America, Ltd.
Attn: Pentel Arts Marketing
4000 E. Airport Drive, Suite C
Ontario, CA 91761

No photocopies or any other types of alterations
will be accepted.