Sunday, April 6, 2008

Planning the big vacation

OK, I now have the bug. It took some work, but there is excitement in the air that cannot be denied. My dh has been planning our Magical Disney vacation for months now. I didn't believe him when he said that we HAD to make our dinner reservations NOW for something that is close to 200 days away - but boy, he was right! (He is so smart, you already know he is wonderful, but he is super smart too.) Our good friends, the "R" family, are going with us, we will have a Grand Gathering together. Today we poured over the calendars, dh's spreadsheets, the websites and then called to make reservations - and some places were already booked solid! Wow. Amazing. I thought my dh was the only person that was this serious about his Disney vacation. Not true, there are many more Disney fanatics out there and they will be at Disney the same time we will be. Our little group definitely qualifies as Disney fanatics. The "R" family has 3 princesses and we are taking one of our princesses. In case you are adding, that makes 6 females and two handsome men to forge the way and lead us on into the most magical, special and exciting vacation of our lives. No pressure guys! We now have reservation numbers for our sit down dinners in place - the itinerary is marked every day as full as can be. (A little too full says my old body and mind.) It makes me want to sing "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Da!" It's magical.

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emily said...

This is so great! Love the music...I can't wait to take ours. They're a bit young now, but in a few more years...

And thanks for you comment on my blog. I'm glad you aren't sick of the house posts. At least, not yet.